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Hilliard Brake Systems: Elevator Brake Market
Figure 1- Hilliard 6815 Electric Plate Style Brake (mounted on gearless drive)


Hilliard Brake Systems: Elevator Brake Market
Figure 2- Hilliard MK 1400 Series w/ Split ring (mounted on gearless drive)

For nearly half of a century, The Hilliard Corporation has serviced the industrial brake market. We service numerous industries: mines, cranes, marine….just to name a few. In more recent years Hilliard has entered the elevator market. In reaction to feedback from the market place, Hilliard engineering has developed several brakes specifically for use on passenger and freight elevator motor drive systems. Our current offering consists of two brake lines that carry the CSA certification allowing us to be incorporated onto the elevator drives. These two lines are our 6815 electric plate style brake and the MK1400 series. Both lines have been received very well in both the elevator service market as well as the elevator MOD market. We have installations in service in The United States, Canada and Mexico.

As Hilliard is a company driven by engineering, we are constantly seeking to help the markets we operate in and turn problems into opportunities. The elevator market has challenged us to develop a brake that is placed on the rails of the elevators and have also asked us for an interface between our 6815 series plate brakes and the drive motors. Both of the challenges are under review and development with Hilliard’s engineering staff and we are developing solutions to be available to the market by the first half of 2018.

The Hilliard Corporation is very excited about the opportunity for growth in the elevator market and we are dedicated to bring our products to this market from all avenues in 2018 and beyond. Our goal is to bring these products to the market with the quality and longevity that has become our reputation for over a century.